Ambassador 2 from Norway🇳🇴

Hi!🥰 My name Is Ida Amdal, and im born in 2006. Im living in Stavanger, Norway and my horses is living on Rogaland Rideklubb, to my coach.

I have 2 horses, one horse, Alex who im riding up to 130 international level with, and riding on the national team with, and one protject horse, Maggie, who i hope to ride the jr classes with next year🤩

West norway is a long Way From the best arenas in norway, around 50 miles, but i just have to do the best out of it, and train a little Harder, and kick ass when im coming!😆❤️

To work with Stenholtgaard is a pleasure, and im FOREVER thankful!❤️

Instagram : @idaamdal.eq 

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